Global Connect 2023, Part 2

Meet Karla, Somtochukwu, and Favour!

Over 10 days this spring, six youth participated in the 2023 Global Connect program, visiting several international cooperation and social justice organizations and gaining professional development experience. They share their thoughts, as well as their favourite photos, below.

Karla Marquez

Karla joined us from Honduras and is a partner youth with ACGC member, Sombrilla International Development Society. She is also one of ACGC's 2023 Top 30 Under 30s. English translation follows.

Un placer saludarles lo que más me gustó del programa fue la experiencia de poder adquirir nuevos conocimientos, al ver como un país tiene la capacidad de ayudar a otros países a través de la ayuda humanitaria que proporcionan.

La gran labor que desempeña cada organización es admirable ya que todos tienen el don de ayudar y formar aquellos países que carecen de información para que puedan hacer valer sus derechos, como el de empoderar a la mujer que por años ha sufrido discriminacion y no ha tenido ningún apoyo por parte de la sociedad.

Ahora existen organizaciones que se preocupan por ayudar desde el más pequeño hasta el más grande a ser partícipe de su desarrollo y evolución espiritual, social y económico que son factores importantes para erradicar la transgresión de sus derechos en la sociedad.

Mi experiencia en este viaje y mi participación en el programa me deja un gran aprendizaje y una visión interesante, al saber que si trabajamos juntos para ayudar a los demás el mundo el mundo puede cambiar.


What I liked the most about the program was the experience of being able to get new knowledge and the perspective of seeing how a country has the capacity to help other countries through the humanitarian aid they provide.

The great work carried out by each organization is admirable since they all have the gift of helping and guiding those countries that don't have enough information or resources to enforce their rights, such as empowering women who for years have suffered discrimination and didn’t have any support from society.

Now there are organizations that take care and help the most vulnerable sectors, they support and participate in spiritual, economic and social development, which are important factors to eradicate transgression of their rights in society.

My experience in this journey and my participation in the program left me with great learning and an interesting vision that if we work together helping others, we can change the world.

Image: Karla with ACGC Staff Wajed El-Halabi and Hope Salim.

Somtochukwu Ezeigwe

In the realm of Global Connect, I found my place, An immersive experience, a journey to embrace. Sessions, experiences, each day brought delight, Illuminating perspectives, shining a vibrant light.

One day stood out, resonating deep within, A session on cultural exchange, where stories begin. Hearing voices from distant lands, sharing their truth, A tapestry of diversity, a testament to our youth.

Surprise bloomed like a flower, unexpected and grand, The program's global reach, spanning every land. Participants from diverse backgrounds, united as one, A tapestry of talents, a truly remarkable run.

Successes in Alberta's aid and development sphere, Empowering local communities, removing every fear. From sustainable projects to capacity-building strides, Alberta's impact spreads far and wide.

Yet challenges persist, improvements we must seek, Strengthening transparency, making systems sleek. The sector's doing much, but more can be done, With collaborative efforts, even greater victories will be won.

From this journey, I'll carry friendships so dear, Bridging cultures, fostering understanding clear. The power of connection, the strength of collective might, These lessons will guide me, forever shining bright.

This program's impact on me? Profound and deep, A catalyst for growth, a soul-stirring leap. Moving forward, its ripple will be felt, Driving me to act, inspiring change to be dealt.

Image: Somtochukwu with Global Affairs Canada ADM Patricia Peña.

Favour Ajakaiye

The day I enjoyed the most was the hiking day. I was very reluctant about going but after going it made me realize how much nature has an effect on me and how it felt good to appreciate it. After hiking and hearing stories during the hike I felt some kind of peace. Going into this program I didn’t expect to learn this much and be able to take so much out of it. Seeing beautiful places, meeting amazing people and building a different network was amazing. I look forward to having a strong relationship with ACGC.

Image: Miss Klittys, created with End FGM Canada