Social Distance Dancing: Engaging Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Sihle-Sizwe Vineyard Foundation aims to empower women and children in both Edmonton and Zimbabwe. 

In Edmonton, they focus on empowering immigrant youth through engagement in programs and education. Programs include youth mentorship, marimba classes and gumboot dance classes for youth aged 10-24. Since the social distancing measures began, Sihle-Sizwe adapted their gumboot classes by offering them online. Now that classes are online, the students’ families join them and participate in the classes.  

Marimba class at Sihle-Sizwe’s after-school program in Edmonton, Alberta.

Throughout the year, Sihle-Sizwe fundraises to support the Lobhengula Sewing Club in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The club empowers women who are in the business of sewing uniforms to generate income for their families and their children.    

Your support and contributions will enable Sihle-Sizwe to meet their goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will help fund activities such as the marimba glasses, gumboot dance classes and Lobhengula Sewing Club.

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