“As COVID-19 Happens”: An Unfolding Story from a Mexican Village

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PlanNET is an international network of evaluation, training and performance management consultants that work to support organizations, such as Atzin Mexico, to improve livelihoods, protect the environment, and secure peaceful relationships.

Atzin is a non-profit humanitarian organization that assists rural communities in Mexico to attain better life opportunities, stronger cultural wellbeing, and greater self-sufficiency with more peaceful governance with a focus on health and healing; income generation for women; community education and literacy; and environmental and water sanitation. 

Since March, Canadians have shifted their way of life to working from home, staying 6 feet apart, and constantly reminded to wash their hands. In many ways, this has become an inconvenience for us but in Tlamacazapa, Mexico, these preventative measures are limited or close to impossible given the context and degree of overcrowding, poverty, and malnutrition. Susan shares the challenges faced by the community in Tlamacazapa, including the added risks because of nutritional deficiencies and pre-existing conditions amongst some community members.

Listen as Susan Smith, director of Atzin, speaks with Philip Cox, Executive Director of PlanNET, on the realities of community members in Tlamacazapa in light of the pandemic. Since mid-March, Atzin has taken action to mitigate COVID-19, while facing the challenges of cultural denials, inequalities, gender roles, and multiple deaths within the village.

You can also find out more about how PlanNET has supported Atzin through building communities in Mexico on their blog here: 

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Part 2: Fighting the Spread of COVID-19 Door to Door

Part 3: Witnessing COVID Take Its Toll 

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