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Alberta International Development Office (AIDO)

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Established in 2013, the Alberta International Development Office (AIDO) plays an important role in achieving Alberta’s international priorities. The AIDO leverages the public sector from Alberta to support the private sector, educational institutions, and civil society organizations pursuing international development projects. The AIDO coordinates the Government of Alberta’s participation in global development work and helps identify new areas of collaboration between public and private sectors.

Through cooperation with various provincial stakeholders, the AIDO enhances Alberta’s engagement in international development projects for the benefit of Albertans and the global community. By bringing together resources to support Alberta’s engagement in a given region, the AIDO is effecting change in different parts of the world, while fostering commercial opportunities for Alberta and provincial stakeholders.

“The AIDO is effecting change in different parts of the world, while fostering commercial opportunities for Alberta and provincial stakeholders.”

One of the projects the AIDO is currently supporting is called Strengthening Extractive Sector Management in Mongolia (SESMIM). This project will allow the Government of Mongolia to draw on the expertise of nations with significant mining industries, including Canada, to develop and adapt policy, regulations, supportive technical processes, and monitoring systems to the Mongolian context.

As part of the SESMIM project, the AIDO facilitated presentations and mentorship opportunities for three Government of Mongolia staff in various Alberta Ministries, agencies and institutions over the course of three weeks in April 2017. Throughout the month, Albertan best practices and principles in extractive sector management were reviewed in order to facilitate the strengthening of policy and regulatory frameworks in Mongolia. 

The AIDO is also able to facilitate expertise towards projects in the country that is seeking the expertise. In September 2017, the AIDO facilitated the placement of a Government of Alberta staff in Mongolia. The staff person was able to provide expertise to Mongolia’s Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industries through engaging in discussions, presenting at a forum and providing workshops to the Ministry officials.

The AIDO is currently working to host another group of Mongolian officials in October and November 2017 in support of the SESMIM project. This support is in addition to several other development projects and opportunities to which the AIDO is partner.